Mio Vicino - Santa Clara & Saratoga

Santa Clara Location
1290 Benton Street, Santa Clara

Amazing food. Friendly service. Buzzing atmosphere.

Can you be here in 20 minutes?

Whether you're coming from Los Gatos or Mountain View,
the answer is: Of course! 

Mio Vicino Santa Clara is located on the corner of Benton and Monroe Streets in the Franklin Mall, just a few blocks from Santa Clara University.

Santa Clara Location

1290 Benton Street
Santa Clara, CA 95050



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Saratoga Village Location
 “Wait, don’t go!”

Thank you again and goodbye to all the dear friends we made in Saratoga. We’ve officially handed the baton to Sole Mio Italiano, an amazing new team coming in to serve authentic Italian dishes. Drop in!


Sean, Joel, Johnny & Pedro